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By purchasing an account, you get access to the movies and series search engine. VOD-BASE.COM allows you to search for movies and series on external VOD platforms. Thanks to this, you save your time on searching for them - you get clear information immediately. The VOD-BASE.COM website is not used to watch selected productions and does not store any content in its database. It only allows you to search for them. The database collects information about all productions available on external websites in one place.

One-time access fee

You will receive full access to VOD-BASE.COM after a one-time payment. Forget monthly and annual subscriptions. You pay once and we will never ask you for another payment again. Active account from start to finish!

Movies and series only from legal sources

After receiving unlimited access to VOD-BASE.COM, you will have the opportunity to search for information about all legal sources, so that watching your favorite productions is pure pleasure, without any inconvenience.