Access to the search engine

The customer buys access to a search engine for cinema productions, movies and series. Access to the search engine is paid. After entering the name of a given production, the customer will receive specific information about its availability on the Internet using a legal route (if it is available on the VOD platform connected to VOD-BASE.COM).

Thanks to this, the customer does not spend time browsing dozens of different websites with movies and series to search for what interests them.

Lifetime access

By purchasing access to VOD-BASE.COM, the customer can use our search engine without any time limit. Payment for access to VOD-BASE.COM is a one-time payment. The way of paying for the access to the database does not matter.

At the same time, the offer of VOD-BASE.COM is constantly growing, especially in the case of new platforms with video on demand. The database is also expanded when new productions appear on VOD services, they also relate to changes in the prices of individual external VOD services. The customer does not bear any additional costs for updating the VOD-BASE.COM database.

Lots of services in one place

Currently, VOD-BASE.COM allows you to search for productions available on the following external platforms: